Class Trip!

If you love taking your dog with you when you go out but your dog doesn’t seem to know their name let alone their manners, then this class is for you!  We will be going to different locations within the city that are dog friendly to put their basic obedience to test and work through in real life situations. Your dog should already have passed their Sophomore Class!

Click a Trick!

Looking for something different to do with your dog? Let’s have some fun with a tricks class.  This is a four week class to exercise your dog’s brain while having a great time.

Feisty Fido Dog!

Dog-reactivity can be a frustrating task for sure for our dog parents!  This is a class designed specifically you and your dogs who have reactivity towards other dogs.

You will learn how to use your basic obedience foundation and learn about behavior modification while staying within your dog’s threshold of learning.

The class size is kept small and is limited to four dogs.


Take a break from all the training to bring your dog in for some play time! See how they interact with other dogs and people.

If your pup is looking to burn off a ton of energy, the Recess Class is what you are looking for.  This is a dog social class.

In addition to playing with other dogs you will learn about your dog’s play style, dog body language, and learning how to bring your dog’s excitement down during play. This social meets every week but pre-registration is required to attend. Register for class by Friday 6:00pm.  This is a fun time for you and your pup!

To participate in this class, your dog must be up to date on vaccinations and maintain on the recommended vaccination schedule from your veterinarian. This class is for ALL AGES.

Social Curriculum:

-1 hour long play session, although everything is a learning experience and there can be teachable moments

-Supervised by a certified dog trainer

Rocket Recalls!

Does your dog run in the opposite direction when you call them to COME? We are teaching recalls with distractions. This is a 4 week extra credit class!

Walk this Way!

If you feel like a kite when you walk your dog, then this class is for you. Dogs will be learning loose leash walking in a variety of settings! Join us for a 4 week extra credit class!

Service Dog Training

A service dog is trained to assist with someone with one or more disabilities. These disabilities can range from a variety things involving both physical, neurological, and mental symptoms. A service dog has public access rights under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Acts),which means the dog is permitted everywhere you go. Since training a service dog is so customized to their person, we ask that you email us with a description of your disability and what you hope to achieve by obtaining a service dog.


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